Interface IFont

IFont interface

Declares common functionality for all font formats. Implemented by Font classes.

public interface IFont


Encoding { get; }Gets Font encoding.
FontDefinition { get; }Gets Font definition.
FontFamily { get; set; }Gets or Sets Font family.
FontName { get; set; }Gets or Sets Font face name.
FontNames { get; }Gets Font names.
FontSaver { get; }Gets Font save functionality.
FontStyle { get; }Gets Font style. This is a value computed and represented in generalized type.
FontType { get; }Gets Font type.
GlyphAccessor { get; }Gets Font glyph accessor. Retrieves glyphs and glyph identifiers.
Metrics { get; }Gets Font metrics.
NumGlyphs { get; }Gets number of glyphs in the Font.
PostscriptNames { get; }Gets postscript Font names.
Style { get; set; }Gets or Sets Font style. This is a raw string value provided by Font file.


Convert(FontType)Converts the Font into another format.

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