MultiLanguageString class

Represents multi language string.

public class MultiLanguageString


Name Description
MultiLanguageString() Creates empty multi language string.


Name Description
AddLanguageString(string, int) Adds string of specific language
ContainsString(string) Returns true if the string is present inside all the language strings.
override Equals(object) Returns true if objects are considered equal.
GetAllLanguageIds() Gets language identifiers for all strings or empty array if no strings are presents
GetAllStrings() Returns all strings of all languages.
GetEnglishString() Returns english string if found. Otherwise returns first non-english string.
override GetHashCode() GetHashCode implementation.
GetStringForLanguageId(int) Returns string related to language identifier passed, if found. Empty string otherwise.
operator == Equality operator implementation. (2 operators)
operator != Inequality operator implementation. (2 operators)

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