Aspose.Gis.Formats.Kml.Styles namespace provides classes for working with KML styles.


KmlAbstractColorStyleProvides elements for specifying the color and color mode of style types that derive from it.
KmlBalloonStyleSpecifies how the description balloon is drawn.
KmlCoordinateSpecifies an image coordinate system.
KmlFeatureStyleStyles affect how Geometry is presented. Ths styles are encoded in the document section and have a unique identifier for each style. These are known as ‘shared styles’ in the kml specification.
KmlIconResourceSpecifies an icon resource location
KmlIconStyleSpecifies how icons for kml:Placemarks and kml:PhotoOverlay with a kml:Point geometry are drawn in an earth browser’s list and geographic views.
KmlItemIconSpecifies an icon resource location in a list.
KmlLabelStyleSpecifies how the label is drawn in the geographic view.
KmlLineStyleSpecifies how the name of a kml:AbstractFeatureGroup is drawn in the geographic view.
KmlListStyleSpecifies how a Feature is displayed in the list view.
KmlPolygonStyleSpecifies the drawing style for a Polygon, including a Polygon and the extruded portion of a kml:Polygon or LineString.


KmlColorModesSpecifies the color mode for a graphic element.
KmlDisplayModesControls whether the element is displayed or hidden.
KmlItemIconStatesSpecifies the current state of a kml:NetworkLink or kml:Folder.
KmlItemTypesSpecifies how a kml:Feature and its contents shall be displayed as items in a list view.
KmlUnitsSpecifies units fof an image coordinate system.