IGeometry.Overlaps method

Determines whether this geometry overlap with a specified geometry.

public bool Overlaps(IGeometry other)
otherIGeometryA geometry.

Return Value

true if this geometry is “spatially overlaps” another geometry. false otherwise.


ArgumentNullExceptionArgument is null.
ArgumentExceptionOne of the geometries is invalid in such way that operation can not be finished.
ArgumentExceptionSpatialReferenceSystem of geometries are not equivalent. You can use SpatialReferenceSystemTransformation in order to convert geometries to the same spatial reference system.


This method tests whether geometries are overlaps in terms of DE-9IM intersection matrix. Two geometries overlap if they have some but not all interior points in common and the intersection of the geometries have the same dimension as the geometries themselves. For two Point geometries or two Surface geometries this method is equivalent to:

this.Relate(other, "T*T***T**");

For two Line geometries this method is equivalent to:

this.Relate(other, "1*T***T**");

For two geometries with not equal Dimension this method always returns false. See OpenGIS Simple Features Specification for more details about DE-9IM and “spatially overlaps” relation.

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