RasterLayer class

Represents a raster layer.

public abstract class RasterLayer : IDisposable


Name Description
abstract BandCount { get; } Gets the number of bands in the raster layer.
Bounds { get; } Gets the raster bounds.
abstract CellSize { get; } Gets cell or pixel size of the raster.
abstract Driver { get; } Gets the Driver that instantiated this layer.
abstract Height { get; } Gets the height of the raster in pixels. Also it is known as rows count.
abstract NoDataValues { get; } Gets the values that represents background or ’no data’ of the raster.
abstract SpatialReferenceSystem { get; } Gets a spatial reference system of raster. Can be null if it is unknown.
abstract UpperLeftX { get; } Gets x-coordinate of the raster upper left corner.
abstract UpperLeftY { get; } Gets y-coordinate of the raster upper left corner.
abstract Width { get; } Gets the width of the raster in pixels. Also it is known as columns count.


Name Description
Crop(IGeometry) Crops the raster layer using a shape form.
Dispose() Releases the resources used by the RasterLayer.
abstract GetBand(int) Gets a band by the specified index.
virtual GetExtent() Calculates a spatial extent of this layer.
GetSpatialPoint(int, int) Converts the specified column and row to the spatial coordinate.
GetStatistics(int, bool) Calculate summary statistics consisting of count, sum, mean, min, max.
GetValues(int, int) Reads the values in the specified cell.
GetValuesDump(RasterRect) Reads the values in the specified block as a 1-dimension array.
GetValuesOnExpression(RasterRect, RasterReadExpression) Reads and processes band values ​​in an expression.
override ToString() Returns a string that represents the current object.
Warp(WarpOptions) Warps the raster layer to another.

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