Aspose.Gis.Rendering.Symbolizers namespace provides classes for configuring rendering vector features.


GeometryGeneratorDecorate a symbolizer to modify feature’s geometry before rendering.
LayeredSymbolizerA symbolizer that renders several other symbolizers.
MarkerClusterMarker cluster symbolizer.
MarkerLineMarker line symbolizer.
MarkerPatternFillMarker pattern fill symbolizer.
MixedGeometrySymbolizerApplies correct symbolizer to a feature geometry according to its geometry type.
NullVectorSymbolizerThe NullSymbolizer draws nothing and effectively skips rendering of a geometry it is applied to.
RasterImageMarkerThis symbolizer renders a provided raster image.
RuleA user-defined rule for RuleBasedSymbolizer.
RuleBasedSymbolizerApplies a symbolizer to feature geometries according to user-defined rules.
SimpleFillSimple polygon symbolizer.
SimpleLineSimple line symbolizer.
SimpleMarkerSimple point symbolizer.
VectorSymbolizerThe abstract root class for the symbolizers that render vector features.


HorizontalAnchorSpecifies side to be aligned horizontally.
MarkerShapeTypeA shape type of the marker.
RenderingOrderDetermines the rendering order.
VerticalAnchorSpecifies side to be aligned vertically.