Class SimpleLine

SimpleLine class

Simple line symbolizer.

public class SimpleLine : VectorSymbolizer


SimpleLine()Creates new instance.
SimpleLine(SimpleLine)Initializes a new instance of the SimpleLine class.


CapStyle { get; set; }Specifies how lines are rendered at their ends.
Color { get; set; }Specifies the color and transparency given to the line.
DashOffset { get; set; }Specifies the distance from the start of a line to the beginning of a dash pattern.
DashPattern { get; set; }Specifies an array of distances that specifies the lengths of alternating dashes and spaces in dashed lines.
FeatureBasedConfiguration { get; set; }A callback that is used to configure this symbolizer before rendering a feature.
LineJoin { get; set; }Determines how lines are rendered at intersection of line segments.
Offset { get; set; }Specifies offset from the original line. For positive distance the offset will be at the left side of the input line (relative to the line direction). For a negative distance it will be at the right side.
Style { get; set; }Specifies how the symbol lines should be drawn.
Width { get; set; }Specifies the width of the line.


Clone()Clones this instance.

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