Class NumericFormat

NumericFormat class

NumericFormat are used to format common numeric types in text.

public abstract class NumericFormat


static RoundTrip { get; }Converts and attempts to ensure that a numeric value that is converted to a string is parsed back into the same numeric value.


static Flat(int)Converts a number to a fixed-point text without a scientific notation.
static General(int)Converts a number to the more compact of either fixed-point or scientific notation, depending on the type of the number and whether a precision specifier is present. Recommended to use.


There are three types of NumericFormat: General - fixed-point or scientific notation. Some number of digits are significant. RoundTrip - fixed-point or scientific notation. Max of digits are significant. Flat - fixed-point notation. Some number of digits are significant. A NumericFormat can be set to IGeometry via AsText in order to specify the numeric format when translating geometry to its Well-Known Text (WKT) representation.

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