Class MutationObserver

    • Constructor Detail

      • MutationObserver

        public MutationObserver(MutationCallback callback)

        Constructs a MutationObserver object and sets its MutationCallback to callback. The callback is invoked with a list of MutationRecord objects as first argument and the constructed MutationObserver object as second argument. It is invoked after nodes registered with the Observe(Node, IMutationObserverInit) method, are mutated.

        callback - The callback.
    • Method Detail

      • observe

        public void observe(Node target,
                                                               MutationObserverInit options)

        Instructs the user agent to observe a given target (a node) and report any mutations based on the criteria given by options (an object). The options argument allows for setting mutation observation options via object members.

        target - The target for observe.
        options - The observer options.
      • disconnect

        public void disconnect()

        Stops observer from observing any mutations. Until the observe() method is used again, observer’s callback will not be invoked.

      • takeRecords

        public<MutationRecord> takeRecords()

        The method returns a copy of the record queue and then empty the record queue.

        The copy of the record queue.
      • invoke

        public void invoke()