In addition to standard IO (input-output) tools the com.aspose.html.IO package contains helper classes and interfaces.


FileCreateStreamProviderRepresents FileStream implementation for providing streams to the rendering devices.
OutputStreamA surrogate stream wraps the real output stream and controls access to it.OutputStream contains URI data that describes location of the output stream.
OutputStreamContextA context for initialization of the output stream.


IBlobA Blob object refers to a byte sequence, and has a size attribute which is the total number of bytes in the byte sequence, and a type attribute, which is an ASCII-encoded String in lower case representing the media type of the byte sequence.
ICreateStreamProviderRepresents an interface that can be implemented by classes providing streams to the rendering devices.
IFileA File object is a Blob object with a name attribute, which is a String; it can be created within the web application via a constructor, or is a reference to a byte sequence from a file from the underlying (OS) file system.
IFileListRepresent the interface for list of files.
IOutputStorageProvides the creation and management of output streams OutputStream.