HugoFrontMatterSyntaxNode Class

HugoFrontMatterSyntaxNode class

Defines the base class HugoFrontMatterSyntaxNode

public abstract class HugoFrontMatterSyntaxNode : BlockSyntaxNode


getFirstChild Get the first child.
abstract getFrontMatterRootNode Get and set the RootNode
getLastChild Get the last child.
getNextSibling Get ghe next sibling.
getParent Get the parent node.
getPreviousSibling Get the previous sibling.


accept(MarkdownSyntaxVisitor)Defines the interface for accept visitor.
appendChild(MarkdownSyntaxNode)Append child node.
childNodes()Get the child nodes collection.
find(params String[])Defines the interface for find BaseSyntaxNode
abstract Find<T>(params String[])Defines the interface for find T
getLeadingTrivia()Get the leading trivia.
getSyntaxTree()Get the syntax tree.
getTrailingTrivia()Get the Trailing trivia.
insertBefore(MarkdownSyntaxNode, MarkdownSyntaxNode)Insert before node.
removeChild(MarkdownSyntaxNode)Remove the child.
replaceChild(MarkdownSyntaxNode, MarkdownSyntaxNode)Replace the child node.
toString()Override ToString method.
writeTo(MarkdownTextWriter)Write to MarkdownTextWriter.
writeTo(TextWriter)Write nodes to text writer.

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