MultimediaHost class

Represents host of the multimedia object.Note: We do not support downloading copyrighted videos and using other people’s videos for commercial purposes without their express permission. We are not responsible for any copyright infringement that may occur when using this tool.

public class MultimediaHost : IEquatable<MultimediaHost>


Name Description
MultimediaHost(string) Initializes a new instance of the MultimediaHost class.


Name Description
static YouKu { get; } Represents an YouKu host.
static YouTube { get; } Represents an YouTube host.
static Zoom { get; } Represents a Zoom host.
HostName { get; } Gets the host name.


Name Description
Equals(MultimediaHost) Indicates whether the current object is equal to another object of the same type.
override Equals(object) Determines whether the specified Object, is equal to this instance.
override GetHashCode() Returns a hash code for this instance.
override ToString() Returns a String that represents this instance.
operator ==
operator !=

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