SVGAngle.ConvertToSpecifiedUnits method

Preserve the same underlying stored value, but reset the stored unit identifier to the given unitType. Object attributes unitType, valueInSpecifiedUnits and valueAsString might be modified as a result of this method.

public void ConvertToSpecifiedUnits(ushort unitType)
Parameter Type Description
unitType UInt16 The unit type to switch to (e.g., SVG_ANGLETYPE_DEG).


exception condition
DOMException Code NOT_SUPPORTED_ERRRaised if unitType is SVG_ANGLETYPE_UNKNOWN or not a valid unit type constant (one of the other SVG_ANGLETYPE_* constants defined on this interface).
DOMException Code NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERRRaised when the angle corresponds to a read only attribute or when the object itself is read only.

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