SVGAngle.NewValueSpecifiedUnits method

Reset the value as a number with an associated unitType, thereby replacing the values for all of the attributes on the object.

public void NewValueSpecifiedUnits(ushort newUnitType, float valueInSpecifiedUnits)
Parameter Type Description
newUnitType UInt16 The unit type for the value (e.g., SVG_ANGLETYPE_DEG).
valueInSpecifiedUnits Single The angle value.


exception condition
DOMException Code NOT_SUPPORTED_ERRRaised if unitType is SVG_ANGLETYPE_UNKNOWN or not a valid unit type constant (one of the other SVG_ANGLETYPE_* constants defined on this interface).
DOMException Code NO_MODIFICATION_ALLOWED_ERRRaised when the angle corresponds to a read only attribute or when the object itself is read only.

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