SVGPathSegArcRel Class

SVGPathSegArcRel class

The SVGPathSegArcRel interface corresponds to a “relative arcto” (a) path data command.

public class SVGPathSegArcRel : SVGPathSeg


Angle { get; set; }The rotation angle in degrees for the ellipse’s x-axis relative to the x-axis of the user coordinate system.
LargeArcFlag { get; set; }The value of the large-arc-flag parameter.
PathSegType { get; }The type of the path segment as specified by one of the constants defined on this interface.
PathSegTypeAsLetter { get; }The type of the path segment, specified by the corresponding one character command name.
R1 { get; set; }The x-axis radius for the ellipse (i.e., r1).
R2 { get; set; }The y-axis radius for the ellipse (i.e., r2).
SweepFlag { get; set; }The value of the sweep-flag parameter.
X { get; set; }The relative X coordinate for the end point of this path segment.
Y { get; set; }The relative Y coordinate for the end point of this path segment.


Dispose()Releases unmanaged and - optionally - managed resources.
virtual GetPlatformType()This method is used to retrieve the ECMAScript object .

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