IXPathEvaluator.CreateExpression method

Creates a parsed XPath expression with resolved namespaces. This is useful when an expression will be reused in an application since it makes it possible to compile the expression string into a more efficient internal form and preresolve all namespace prefixes which occur within the expression.

public IXPathExpression CreateExpression(string expression, IXPathNSResolver resolver)
Parameter Type Description
expression String The XPath expression string to be parsed.
resolver IXPathNSResolver The resolver permits translation of all prefixes, including the xml namespace prefix, within the XPath expression into appropriate namespace URIs. If this is specified as null, any namespace prefix within the expression will result in DOMException being thrown with the code NAMESPACE_ERR.

Return Value

The compiled form of the XPath expression.


exception condition
DOMException INVALID_EXPRESSION_ERR: Raised if the expression is not legal according to the rules of the IXPathEvaluator.
DOMException NAMESPACE_ERR: Raised if the expression contains namespace prefixes which cannot be resolved by the specified IXPathNSResolver.

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