Node.NodeName property

The read-only nodeName property of Node returns the name of the current node as a string.

public abstract string NodeName { get; }

Property Value

A string, values for the different types of nodes are:

Attr - The value of, that is the qualified name of the attribute.CDATASection - The string “#cdata-section”.Comment - The string “#comment”.Document - The string “#document”.DocumentFragment - The string “#document-fragment”.DocumentType - The value of DocumentType.nameElement - The value of Element.tagName, that is the uppercase name of the element tag if an HTML element, or the lowercase element tag if an XML element (like a SVG or MATHML element).ProcessingInstruction - The value of ProcessingInstruction.targetText - The string “#text”.



DOM Standard - defines a platform-neutral model for events, aborting activities, and node trees.DOM Standard (DOM) # dom-node-nodename.GitHub - repository hosts the DOM Standard.

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