Node.TextContent property

The textContent property of the Node interface represents the text content of the node and its descendants.

public virtual string TextContent { get; set; }

Property Value

A string, or null. Its value depends on the situation:

If the node is a document or a doctype, textContent returns null.Note: To get all of the text and CDATA data for the whole document, use document.documentElement.textContent.If the node is a CDATA section, a comment, a processing instruction, or a text node, textContent returns, or sets, the text inside the node, i.e., the Node.nodeValue.For other node types, textContent returns the concatenation of the textContent of every child node, excluding comments and processing instructions.



DOM Standard - defines a platform-neutral model for events, aborting activities, and node trees.DOM Standard (DOM) # dom-node-textcontent.GitHub - repository hosts the DOM Standard.

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