The Aspose.Html.Drawing namespace contains objects and interfaces to specify measurement and units as well as drawing attribute objects like brushes, colors and fonts.


AngleThe angle data type
ColorThe Color class lets you specify colors as Red-Green-Blue (RGB) values, Hue-Saturation-Luminosity (HSL) values, Hue-Saturation-Value (HSV) values, Hue-Whiteness-Blackness (HWB) values, lightness-A-B (LAB) values, Luminance-Chroma-Hue (LCH) values, Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key (CMYK) values, Natural colors (NCOL) values, or with a color name. An Alpha channel is also available to indicate transparency.
DimensionProvides the base class for dimensions. The general term ‘dimension’ refers to a number with a unit attached to it, and are denoted by UnitType.
FrequencyThe ‘frequency’ unit.
LengthRepresents a length measurement unit.
LengthOrAutoRepresents a container for storage length or ‘auto’ units..
MarginRepresents page margin.
NumericProvides the base class for numeric types.
PageRepresents a page object is used for configuration output page. The lacuna value for page size is A4(210x297mm)
ResolutionRepresents a resolution unit.
SizeStores a values which specify a Height and Width.
TimeRepresents a time unit.
UnitProvides the base class for units of measurement.
UnitTypeSpecifies the unit of measurement.


IBrushDeclares method for getting of brush type.
IColorComponentsDeclares method and properties for processing color components.
IGradientBrushDeclare methods for getting common properties of gradient brushes.
IInterpolationColorDesclares methods for getting interpolation color.
ILinearGradientBrushDefines brush interface with a linear gradient.
ISolidBrushDefines brush interface of a single color
ITextureBrushDefines brush interface that uses an image to fill the interior of a shape.
ITransformableBrushDesclares methods for getting transformation matrix and wrap mode.
ITrueTypeFontDeclares methods for working with TrueType font.


BrushTypeSpecifies the type of brush.
ColorModelThis enumeration is used to select the color model for working with color components.