SelectElement class

The SelectElement represents a wrapper that is associated with the HTMLSelectElement

public class SelectElement : FormElement<HTMLSelectElement>


Name Description
ElementType { get; } Gets the type of the element.
HtmlElement { get; }
override Id { get; set; } Represents the Id attribute of the input element.
Multiple { get; set; } If true, multiple OPTION elements may be selected in this SELECT. See the multiple attribute definition in HTML 4.01.
override Name { get; set; } Represent the name attribute of the input element.
Options { get; } Returns a list of options
SelectedOptions { get; } Returns a list of selected options
Type { get; } The type of this form control. This is the string “select-multiple” when the multiple attribute is true and the string “select-one” when false.
override Value { get; set; } On getting, must return the value of the first option element in the list of options in tree order that has its selectedness set to true, if any.


Name Description
SelectItems(params int[]) This methods allows to select multiple options by their indexes.
SelectItems(params string[]) This methods allows to select multiple options by their values.

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