GraphicContext Class

GraphicContext class

Holds current graphics control parameters. These parameters define the global framework within which the graphics operators execute.

public class GraphicContext : ICloneable


GraphicContext()Initializes a new instance of the GraphicContext class.


virtual CharacterSpacing { get; set; }Sets or gets character spacing.
virtual FillBrush { get; set; }Sets or gets the brush object that is used to fill the interiors of paths.
virtual Font { get; set; }Sets or gets the true type font object that is used for rendering text.
virtual FontSize { get; set; }Sets or gets text font size.
virtual FontStyle { get; set; }Sets or gets text font style.
virtual LineCap { get; set; }Sets or gets the code specifying the shape of the endpoints for any open path that is stroked.
virtual LineDashOffset { get; set; }Sets or gets the phase offset of the current line dash pattern.
virtual LineDashPattern { get; set; }Sets or gets the description of the dash pattern to be used when paths are stroked.
virtual LineDashStyle { get; set; }Sets of gets the style of dashed lines of a stroked path.
virtual LineJoin { get; set; }Sets or gets the code specifying the shape of joints between connected segments of a stroked path.
virtual LineWidth { get; set; }Sets or gets the thickness of paths to be stroked.
virtual MiterLimit { get; set; }Sets or gets the maximum length of mitered line joins for stroked paths. This parameter limits the length of “spikes” produced when line segments join at sharp angles.
virtual StrokeBrush { get; set; }Sets or gets the brush object that is used for stroked paths.
virtual TextInfo { get; }Gets a TextInfo object which contains information about rendered text.
virtual TransformationMatrix { get; set; }Sets or gets transformation matrix.


virtual Clone()Creates a new instance of a GraphicContext class with the same property values as an existing instance.
virtual Transform(Matrix)Modify the current transformation matrix by multiplying the specified matrix.

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