The package provides helper classes and methods to work with different brush types.


HatchBrushDefines a rectangular brush with a hatch style, a foreground color, and a background color.
LinearGradientBrushEncapsulates a Aspose.Imaging.Brush with a linear gradient.
LinearGradientBrushBaseRepresents a Brush with gradient capabilities and appropriate properties.
LinearMulticolorGradientBrushRepresents a Brush with linear gradient defined by multiple colors and appropriate positions.
PathGradientBrushEncapsulates a Aspose.Imaging.Brush object with a gradient.
PathGradientBrushBaseRepresents a Brush with base path gradient functionality.
PathMulticolorGradientBrushEncapsulates a Aspose.Imaging.Brush object with a gradient.
SolidBrushSolid brush is intended for drawing continiously with specific color.
TextureBrushEach property of the Aspose.Imaging.Brushes.TextureBrush class is a Aspose.Imaging.Brush object that uses an image to fill the interior of a shape.
TransformBrushA Brush with transform capabilities.