The package contains exceptions thrown by any of the core Imaging components.


CompressorExceptionThe compressor exception.
DataMismatchErrorData mismatch exception class
FrameworkExceptionThe imaging framework exception.
ImageCreateExceptionThe image create exception.
ImageExceptionThe image exception.
ImageLoadExceptionThe image load exception.
ImageSaveExceptionThe image save exception.
IncorrectPasswordExceptionThe incorrect password exception.
IndexOutOFRangeExceptionThe compressor exception.
LicenseExceptionRepresents the exception thrown when a component cannot be granted a license.
LimitMemoryExceptionThe limit memory exception.
LinqWrapperExceptionLinqWrapper exceptions class.
OperationInterruptedExceptionOccurs when an operation is interrupted.
RdOptimizationErrorRD optimization error exception class
StreamReadExceptionThe stream reading exception.
XmpExceptionThe exception that is thrown when XMP has invalid structure.