The package contains types [MS-EMF]: Enhanced Metafile Format. 2.2 EMF Objects.


EmfBasePenThe base pen object
EmfBitFix28To4The BitFIX28_4 object defines a numeric value in 28.4 bit FIX notation.
EmfColorAdjustmentThe ColorAdjustment object defines values for adjusting the colors in source bitmaps in bit-block transfers.
EmfDesignVectorThe DesignVector (section 2.2.3) object defines the design vector, which specifies values for the font axes of a multiple master font.
EmfEpsDataThe EpsData object is a container for EPS data
EmfFormatThe EmrFormat object contains information that identifies the format of image data in an EMR_COMMENT_MULTIFORMATS record(section
EmfGradientRectangleThe GradientRectangle object defines a rectangle using TriVertex objects (section 2.2.26) in an EMR_GRADIENTFILL record (section
EmfGradientTriangleThe GradientTriangle object defines a triangle using TriVertex objects (section 2.2.26) in an EMR_GRADIENTFILL record (section
EmfHeaderExtension1The HeaderExtension1 object defines the first extension to the EMF metafile header.
EmfHeaderExtension2The HeaderExtension2 object defines the second extension to the EMF metafile header.
EmfHeaderObjectThe Header object defines the EMF metafile header.
EmfLogBrushExThe LogBrushEx object defines the style, color, and pattern of a device-independent brush.
EmfLogFontThe LogFont object specifies the basic attributes of a logical font.
EmfLogFontExThe LogFontEx object specifies the extended attributes of a logical font.
EmfLogFontExDvThe LogFontExDv object specifies the design vector for an extended logical font.
EmfLogFontPanoseThe LogFontPanose object specifies the PANOSE characteristics of a logical font.
EmfLogPaletteThe LogPalette object specifies a logical_palette that contains device-independent color definitions.
EmfLogPenThe LogPen object defines the style, width, and color of a logical pen.
EmfLogPenExThe LogPenEx object specifies the style, width, and color of an extended logical pen.
EmfObjectBase class for Emf objects
EmfPanoseThe Panose object describes the PANOSE font-classification values for a TrueType font.
EmfPixelFormatDescriptorThe PixelFormatDescriptor object can be used in EMR_HEADER records (section to specify the pixel format of the output surface for the playback device context.
EmfPoint28To4The Point28_4 object represents the location of a point on a device surface with coordinates in 28.4 bit FIX notation.
EmfRegionDataThe RegionData object specifies data that defines a region, which is made of non-overlapping rectangles.
EmfRegionDataHeaderThe RegionDataHeader object describes the properties of a RegionData object.
EmfTextThe EmrText object contains values for text output.
EmfTriVertexThe TriVertex object specifies color and position information for the definition of a rectangle or triangle vertex.
EmfUniversalFontIdThe UniversalFontId object defines a mechanism for identifying fonts in EMF metafiles.