The package contains types [MS-EMFPLUS]: Enhanced Metafile Format Plus Extensions 2.1 EMF+ Constants


Class Description
EmfPlusBitmapDataType The BitmapDataType enumeration defines types of bitmap data formats.
EmfPlusBrushDataFlags The BrushData flags specify properties of graphics brushes, including the presence of optional data fields.
EmfPlusBrushType The BrushType enumeration defines types of graphics brushes, which are used to fill graphics regions.
EmfPlusCombineMode The CombineMode enumeration defines modes for combining two graphics regions.
EmfPlusCompositingMode The CompositingMode enumeration defines modes for combining source colors with background colors.
EmfPlusCompositingQuality The CompositingQuality enumeration defines levels of quality for creating composite images
EmfPlusCurveAdjustments The CurveAdjustments enumeration defines adjustments that can be applied to the color curve of an image.
EmfPlusCurveChannel The CurveChannel enumeration defines color channels that can be affected by a color curve effect adjustment to an image.
EmfPlusCustomLineCapDataFlags The CustomLineCapData flags specify data for custom line caps.
EmfPlusCustomLineCapDataType The CustomLineCapDataType enumeration defines types of custom line cap data, which specify styles and shapes for the ends of graphics lines.
EmfPlusDashedLineCapType The DashedLineCapType enumeration defines types of line caps to use at the ends of dashed lines that are drawn with graphics pens.
EmfPlusDriverStringOptionsFlags The DriverStringOptions flags specify properties of graphics text positioning and rendering.
EmfPlusFilterType The FilterType enumeration defines types of filtering algorithms that can be used for text and graphics quality enhancement and image rendering.
EmfPlusFontStyleFlags The FontStyle flags specify styles of graphics font typefaces.
EmfPlusGraphicsVersionEnum The GraphicsVersion enumeration defines versions of operating system graphics that are used to create EMF+ metafiles.
EmfPlusHatchStyle The HatchStyle enumeration defines hatch patterns used by graphics brushes.
EmfPlusHotkeyPrefix The HotkeyPrefix enumeration defines output options for hotkey prefixes in graphics text.
EmfPlusImageDataType The ImageDataType enumeration defines types of image data formats.
EmfPlusImageEffectsIdentifiers The ImageEffects identifiers define standard GUIDs for specifying graphics image effects.
EmfPlusInterpolationMode The InterpolationMode enumeration defines ways to perform scaling, including stretching and shrinking.
EmfPlusLanguageIdentifierType The LanguageIdentifier enumeration defines identifiers for natural languages in locales, including countries, geographical regions, and administrative districts.
EmfPlusLineCapType The LineCapType enumeration defines types of line caps to use at the ends of lines that are drawn with graphics pens.
EmfPlusLineJoinType The LineJoinType enumeration defines ways to join two lines that are drawn by the same graphics pen and whose ends meet.
EmfPlusLineStyle The LineStyle enumeration defines styles of lines that are drawn with graphics pens.
EmfPlusMetafileDataType The MetafileDataType enumeration defines types of metafiles data that can be embedded in an EMF+ metafile.
EmfPlusObjectClamp EmfPlusObjectClamp specifies the object clamping behavior.
EmfPlusObjectType The ObjectType enumeration defines types of graphics objects that can be created and used in graphics operations.
EmfPlusPaletteStyleFlags The PaletteStyle flags specify properties of graphics palettes.
EmfPlusPathPointFlags A 32-bit unsigned integer that specifies how to interpret the points and associated point types that are defined by this object.
EmfPlusPathPointTypeEnum The PathPointType enumeration defines types of points on a graphics path.
EmfPlusPathPointTypeFlags The PathPointType flags specify type properties of points on graphics paths.
EmfPlusPenAlignment The PenAlignment enumeration defines the distribution of the width of the pen with respect to the line being drawn.
EmfPlusPenDataFlags The PenData flags specify properties of graphics pens, including the presence of optional data fields.
EmfPlusPixelFormat The PixelFormat enumeration defines pixel formats that are supported in EMF+ bitmaps.
EmfPlusPixelOffsetMode The PixelOffsetMode enumeration defines how pixels are offset, which specifies the trade-off between rendering speed and quality.
EmfPlusRecordType The RecordType enumeration defines record types used in EMF+ metafiles.
EmfPlusRegionNodeDataType The RegionNodeDataType enumeration defines types of region node data.
EmfPlusSmoothingMode The SmoothingMode enumeration defines smoothing modes to apply to lines, curves, and the edges of filled areas to make them appear more continuous or sharply defined.
EmfPlusStringAlignment The StringAlignment enumeration defines ways to align strings with respect to a text layout rectangle.
EmfPlusStringDigitSubstitution The StringDigitSubstitution enumeration defines ways to substitute digits in a string according to a user’s locale or language.
EmfPlusStringFormatFlags The StringFormat flags specify options for graphics text layout, including direction, clipping and font handling.
EmfPlusStringTrimming The StringTrimming enumeration defines how to trim characters from a string that is too large for the text layout rectangle.
EmfPlusTextRenderingHint The TextRenderingHint enumeration defines types of text hinting and anti-aliasing, which affects the quality of text rendering.
EmfPlusUnitType The UnitType enumeration defines units of measurement in different coordinate systems.
EmfPlusWrapMode The WrapMode enumeration defines how the pattern from a texture or gradient brush is tiled across a shape or at shape boundaries, when it is smaller than the area being filled.