The package contains types [MS-EMFPLUS]: Enhanced Metafile Format Plus Extensions 2.2 EMF+ Objects.


EmfPlusBaseBitmapDataBase class for bitmap data types.
EmfPlusBaseBrushDataBase class for Brush data types.
EmfPlusBaseImageDataBase class for image data types.
EmfPlusBasePointTypeThe base point type.
EmfPlusBitmapThe EmfPlusBitmap object specifies a bitmap that contains a graphics image.
EmfPlusBitmapDataThe EmfPlusBitmapData object specifies a bitmap image with pixel data.
EmfPlusBlendBaseBase object for blend objects
EmfPlusBlendColorsThe EmfPlusBlendColors object specifies positions and colors for the blend pattern of a gradient brush.
EmfPlusBlendFactorsThe EmfPlusBlendFactors object specifies positions and factors for the blend pattern of a gradient brush.
EmfPlusBlurEffectThe BlurEffect object specifies a decrease in the difference in intensity between pixels in an image.
EmfPlusBoundaryBaseBase class for boundary objects
EmfPlusBoundaryPathDataThe EmfPlusBoundaryPathData object specifies a graphics path boundary for a gradient brush.
EmfPlusBoundaryPointDataThe EmfPlusBoundaryPointData object specifies a closed cardinal spline boundary for a gradient brush
EmfPlusBrightnessContrastEffectThe BrightnessContrastEffect object specifies an expansion or contraction of the lightest and darkest areas of an image.
EmfPlusBrushThe EmfPlusBrush object specifies a graphics brush for filling regions.
EmfPlusCharacterRangeEmfPlusCharacterRange description
EmfPlusColorBalanceEffectThe ColorBalanceEffect object specifies adjustments to the relative amounts of red, green, and blue in an image.
EmfPlusColorCurveEffectThe ColorCurveEffect object specifies one of eight adjustments to the color curve of an image.
EmfPlusColorLookupTableEffectThe ColorLookupTableEffect object specifies adjustments to the colors in an image.
EmfPlusColorMatrixEffectThe ColorMatrixEffect object specifies an affine transform to be applied to an image.
EmfPlusCompoundLineDataThe EmfPlusCompoundLineData object specifies line and space data for a compound line.
EmfPlusCompressedImageThe EmfPlusCompressedImage object specifies an image with compressed data.
EmfPlusCustomBaseLineCapBase class for custom line cap types.
EmfPlusCustomEndCapDataThe EmfPlusCustomEndCapData object specifies a custom line cap for the end of a line.
EmfPlusCustomLineCapThe EmfPlusCustomLineCap object specifies the shape to use at the ends of a line drawn by a graphics pen.
EmfPlusCustomLineCapArrowDataThe EmfPlusCustomLineCapArrowData object specifies adjustable arrow data for a custom line cap.
EmfPlusCustomLineCapDataThe EmfPlusCustomLineCapData object specifies default data for a custom line cap.
EmfPlusCustomLineCapOptionalDataThe EmfPlusCustomLineCapOptionalData object specifies optional fill and outline data for a custom line cap.
EmfPlusCustomStartCapDataThe EmfPlusCustomStartCapData object specifies a custom line cap for the start of a line.
EmfPlusDashedLineDataThe EmfPlusDashedLineData object specifies properties of a dashed line for a graphics pen.
EmfPlusFillPathThe EmfPlusFillPath object specifies a graphics path for filling a custom line cap
EmfPlusFocusScaleDataThe EmfPlusFocusScaleData object specifies focus scales for the blend pattern of a path gradient brush.
EmfPlusFontThe EmfPlusFont object specifies properties that determine the appearance of text, including typeface, size, and style.
EmfPlusGraphicsObjectTypeThe Graphics Objects specify parameters for graphics output.
EmfPlusGraphicsVersionThe EmfPlusGraphicsVersion object specifies the version of operating system graphics that is used to create an EMF+ metafile.
EmfPlusHatchBrushDataThe EmfPlusHatchBrushData object specifies a hatch pattern for a graphics brush.
EmfPlusHueSaturationLightnessEffectThe HueSaturationLightnessEffect object specifies adjustments to the hue, saturation, and lightness of an image.
EmfPlusImageThe EmfPlusImage object specifies a graphics image in the form of a bitmap or metafile.
EmfPlusImageAttributesThe EmfPlusImageAttributes object specifies how bitmap image colors are manipulated during rendering.
EmfPlusImageEffectsObjectTypeThe Image Effects Objects specify parameters for graphics image effects, which can be applied to bitmap images
EmfPlusLanguageIdentifierThe EmfPlusLanguageIdentifier object specifies a language identifier that corresponds to the natural language in a locale, including countries, geographical regions, and administrative districts.
EmfPlusLevelsEffectThe LevelsEffect object specifies adjustments to the highlights, midtones, and shadows of an image.
EmfPlusLinePathThe EmfPlusLinePath object specifies a graphics path for outlining a custom line cap.
EmfPlusLinearGradientBrushDataThe EmfPlusLinearGradientBrushData object specifies a linear gradient for a graphics brush.
EmfPlusLinearGradientBrushOptionalDataThe EmfPlusLinearGradientBrushOptionalData object specifies optional data for a linear gradient brush.
EmfPlusMetafileThe EmfPlusMetafileData object specifies a metafile that contains a graphics image
EmfPlusObjectBase Emf+ object type.
EmfPlusPaletteThe EmfPlusPalette object specifies the colors that make up a palette.
EmfPlusPathThe EmfPlusPath object specifies a series of line and curve segments that form a graphics path.
EmfPlusPathGradientBrushDataThe EmfPlusPathGradientBrushData object specifies a path gradient for a graphics brush.
EmfPlusPathGradientBrushOptionalDataThe EmfPlusPathGradientBrushOptionalData object specifies optional data for a path gradient brush.
EmfPlusPathPointTypeThe EmfPlusPathPointType object specifies a type value associated with a point on a graphics
EmfPlusPathPointTypeRleThe EmfPlusPathPointTypeRle object specifies type values associated with points on a graphics path using RLE compression.
EmfPlusPenThe EmfPlusPen object specifies a graphics pen for the drawing of lines.
EmfPlusPenDataThe EmfPlusPenData object specifies properties of a graphics pen.
EmfPlusPenOptionalDataThe EmfPlusPenOptionalData object specifies optional data for a graphics pen
EmfPlusRectFThe EmfPlusRectF object specifies a rectangle’s origin, height, and width as 32-bit floating-point values.
EmfPlusRedEyeCorrectionEffectThe RedEyeCorrectionEffect object specifies areas of an image to which a red-eye correction is applied.
EmfPlusRegionThe EmfPlusRegion object specifies line and curve segments that define a non rectilinear shape
EmfPlusRegionNodeThe EmfPlusRegionNode object specifies nodes of a graphics region.
EmfPlusRegionNodeChildNodesThe EmfPlusRegionNodeChildNodes object specifies child nodes of a graphics region node
EmfPlusRegionNodeChildNodes.NodesOperationThe nodes operation
EmfPlusRegionNodePathThe EmfPlusRegionNodePath object specifies a graphics path for drawing the boundary of a region node.
EmfPlusSharpenEffectThe SharpenEffect object specifies an increase in the difference in intensity between pixels in an image.
EmfPlusSolidBrushDataThe EmfPlusSolidBrushData object specifies a solid color for a graphics brush.
EmfPlusStringFormatThe EmfPlusStringFormat object specifies text layout, display manipulations, and language identification
EmfPlusStringFormatDataThe EmfPlusStringFormatData object specifies tab stops and character positions for a graphics string.
EmfPlusStructureObjectTypeThe Structure Objects specify containers for data structures that are embedded in EMF+ metafile records.Structure objects, unlike graphics objects, are not explicitly created; they are components that make up more complex structures
EmfPlusTextureBrushDataThe EmfPlusTextureBrushData object specifies a texture image for a graphics brush.
EmfPlusTextureBrushOptionalDatahe EmfPlusTextureBrushOptionalData object specifies optional data for a texture brush.
EmfPlusTintEffectThe TintEffect object specifies an addition of black or white to a specified hue in an image.