The package handles Jpeg file format processing.


JFIFDataThe jfif segment.
JfifDensityUnitsThe jfif density units.
JpegCompressionColorModeColor mode for jpeg images.
JpegCompressionModeCompression mode for jpeg images.
JpegImageEfficiently manipulate JPEG raster images with our API, offering support for various color profiles such as RGB and CMYK, customizable bits per pixel resolution, and processing of EXIF, JFIF, and XMP metadata containers.
JpegLsInterleaveModeDefines the interleave mode for multi-component (color) pixel data.
JpegLsPresetCodingParametersDefines the JPEG-LS preset coding parameters as defined in ISO/IEC 14495-1, C.
SampleRoundingModeDefines a way in which an n-bit value is converted to an 8-bit value.