The Open document graphic objects


Class Description
OdAngleEllipse The Enhanced angle ellipse
OdArc The Enhanced Arc
OdCircle The circle object
OdClosePath The close path
OdConnector The connector
OdContainer The Container
OdCurveTo The Enhanced CurveTo
OdCustomShape The open document custom-shape.
OdEllipticalQundrant The elliptical quadrant
OdEndPath The enhanced end path
OdEnhancedGeometry The Enhanced geometry object.
OdEquation The open document equation
OdFrame The open document object frame
OdGraphicObject The open document graphic object.
OdImageObject The open document image
OdLine The line object
OdLineTo The enhanced lineTo
OdList The List object
OdListItem The list item
OdMarker The Marker
OdMeasure The Measure
OdMoveTo The Enhanced moveTo
OdNoFillPath The no fill path marker
OdNoStrokePath Specifies that the current set of sub-paths will not be stroked.
OdPage The Open document page.
OdPath The open document object path
OdPolyLine The polyline
OdPolygon The polygon
OdRectangle The rectangle object
OdShortCurveTo The short CurveTo
OdStyledObject The open document styled graphic object.
OdText The text object
OdTextBox The text box
OdTextMeasure The text measure
OdTextParagraph The text paragraph
OdTextSpan The text span