The package contains Tiff file format enumerations.


Class Description
Group3Options Options for CCITT Group 3/4 fax encoding.
TiffAlphaStorage Specifies the alpha storage for tiff documents.
TiffByteOrder The byte order for the tiff image
TiffCompressions Holds compression types
TiffDataTypes The tiff data type enum.
TiffExpectedFormat The expected tiff file format.
TiffFileStandards Specifies the TIFF file format standards.
TiffFillOrders Data order within a byte.
TiffNewSubFileTypes The tiff new sub file type enum.
TiffOrientations Image orientation.
TiffPhotometrics Photometric interpolation enum
TiffPlanarConfigs Storage organization.
TiffPredictor Prediction scheme for LZW
TiffResolutionUnits Tiff Resolution Unit Enum
TiffSampleFormats Sample format enum
TiffTags The tiff tag enum.
TiffThresholds Thresholding used on data.