The package contains Tiff file format tag classes.


TiffASCIITypeThe tiff ascii type.
TiffByteTypeThe tiff byte type.
TiffCommonArrayTypeThe tiff common array type.
TiffDoubleTypeThe tiff double type.
TiffFloatTypeThe tiff float type.
TiffIfd8TypeThe Tiff unsigned 64-bit Image File Directory type.
TiffIfdTypeRepresents the TIFF Exif image file directory type class.
TiffLong8TypeThe Tiff unsigned 64-bit type.
TiffLongTypeThe tiff long type.
TiffRationalTypeThe tiff rational type.
TiffSByteTypeThe tiff signed byte type.
TiffSLong8TypeThe Tiff unsigned 64-bit type.
TiffSLongTypeThe tiff signed long type.
TiffSRationalTypeThe tiff signed rational type.
TiffSShortTypeThe tiff signed short type.
TiffShortTypeThe tiff short type.
TiffUndefinedTypeThe tiff undefined type.
TiffUnknownTypeThe unknown tiff type.