The package contains types [MS-WMF]: Windows Metafile Format 2.1 WMF Constants


StretchModeThe StretchMode Enumeration specifies the bitmap stretching mode, which defines how the system combines rows or columns of a bitmap with existing pixels.
WmfBinaryRasterOperationThe BinaryRasterOperation Enumeration section lists the binary raster-operation codes.
WmfBrushStyleThe BrushStyle Enumeration specifies the different possible brush types that can be used in graphics operations.
WmfCharacterSetThe CharacterSet Enumeration defines the possible sets of character glyphs that are defined in fonts for graphics output.
WmfClipPrecisionFlagsClipPrecision Flags specify clipping precision, which defines how to clip characters that are partially outside a clipping region.
WmfColorUsageEnumThe ColorUsage Enumeration specifies whether a color table exists in a device-independent bitmap(DIB) and how to interpret its values.
WmfCompressionThe Compression Enumeration specifies the type of compression for a bitmap image
WmfFamilyFontThe FamilyFont enumeration specifies the font family.
WmfFloodFillModeThe FloodFill Enumeration specifies the type of fill operation to be performed.
WmfFontQualityThe FontQuality Enumeration specifies how closely the attributes of the logical font should match those of the physical font when rendering text.
WmfGamutMappingIntentThe GamutMappingIntent Enumeration specifies the relationship between logical and physical colors.
WmfHatchStyleThe HatchStyle Enumeration specifies the hatch pattern.
WmfLogicalColorSpaceEnumThe LogicalColorSpace Enumeration specifies the type of color space.
WmfMapModeThe map modes
WmfMetafileEscapesThe MetafileEscapes Enumeration specifies printer driver functionality that might not be directly accessible through WMF records defined in the RecordType Enumeration (section
WmfMetafileVersionThe MetafileVersion Enumeration defines values that specify support for device-independent bitmaps (DIBs) in metafiles.
WmfMixModeThe MixMode Enumeration specifies the background mix mode for text, hatched brushes, and other nonsolid pen styles.
WmfOutPrecisionThe OutPrecision enumeration defines values for output precision, which is the requirement for the font mapper to match specific font parameters, including height, width, character orientation, escapement, pitch, and font type.
WmfPenStyleThe 16-bit PenStyle Enumeration is used to specify different types of pens that can be used in graphics operations.
WmfPitchFontThe PitchFont enumeration defines values that are used for specifying characteristics of a font.
WmfPolyFillModeThe PolyFillMode Enumeration specifies the method used for filling a polygon.
WmfPostScriptCapThe PostScriptCap Enumeration defines line-ending types for use with a PostScript printer driver.
WmfPostScriptClippingThe PostScriptClipping Enumeration defines functions that can be applied to the clipping path used for PostScript output.
WmfRecordTypewmf Record type
WmfTernaryRasterOperationEnumeration specifies ternary raster operation codes, which define how to combine the bits in a source bitmap with the bits in a destination bitmap.
WmfTernaryRasterOperationOperandEach ternary raster operation code represents a Boolean operation in which the values of the pixels in the source, the selected brush, and the destination are combined.
WmfTextAlignmentModeFlagsTextAlignmentMode Flags specify the relationship between a reference point and a bounding rectangle, for text alignment.
WmfVerticalTextAlignmentModeFlagsVerticalTextAlignmentMode Flags specify the relationship between a reference point and a bounding rectangle, for text alignment.