The package contains classes suitable for export, save or creation of different file formats.


ApngOptionsThe animated PNG file format options
BigTiffOptionsThe BigTiff image options.
BmpOptionsThe bmp file format creation options.
CdrRasterizationOptionsThe Cdr rasterization options
CmxRasterizationOptionsthe CMX exporter options.
DicomOptionsThe DICOM file format creation options.
DjvuMultiPageOptionsDjvu format page options
DxfOptionsThe Dxf file format creation options.
DxfRasterizationOptionsThe Dxf rasterization options.
EmfOptionsThe Emf options.
EmfRasterizationOptionsThe Emf rasterization options.
EpsRasterizationOptionsThe Eps rasterization options.
GifOptionsThe gif file format creation options.
Html5CanvasOptionsThe Html5 Canvas file format creation options.
IcoOptionsThe ICO file format creation options.
Jpeg2000OptionsThe Jpeg2000 file format options.
JpegOptionsThe jpeg file format create options.
MetafileOptionsThe Metafiles base options.
MetafileRasterizationOptionsThe metafile rasterization options
MultiPageModeRepresents multipage mode
MultiPageOptionsBase class for multiple pages supported formats
OdRasterizationOptionsThe Odg rasterization options
OdgRasterizationOptionsThe Odg rasterization options
OtgRasterizationOptionsThe Otg rasterization options
PdfImageCompressionOptionsPdf image compression options
PdfOptionsThe PDF options.
PngOptionsThe png file format create options.
PositioningTypesPositioning and size types for graphics scene.
PsdOptionsThe PSD file format create options.
PsdVectorizationOptionsThe vectorized PSD rasterization options.
RdOptimizerSettingsRD optimizer settings class
RenderErrorCodeRepresents possible missing sections in CAD file
RenderResultRepresents information with results of rendering
SvgOptionsThe SVG file format creation options.
SvgRasterizationOptionsThe SVG rasterization options.
TgaOptionsThe TGA file format create options.
TiffOptionsThe tiff file format options.
TiffOptionsErrorThe tiff options error codes.
TimeIntervalRepresents the time interval in milliseconds
TypeOfEntitiesRepresents types of entities to render
VectorRasterizationOptionsThe vector rasterization options.
WebPOptionsWebp image options
WmfOptionsThe wmf options.
WmfRasterizationOptionsThe Wmf rasterization options.