Os22XBitmapHeader class


public class Os22XBitmapHeader : BitmapInfoHeader


Name Description
BitmapColorsImportant { get; set; } Gets or sets number of important palette colors.
BitmapColorsUsed { get; set; } Gets or sets number of palette colors used.
BitmapCompression { get; set; } Gets or sets bitmap compression.
BitmapHeight { get; set; } Gets or sets bitmap height.
BitmapImageSize { get; set; } Gets or sets specifies bitmap raw data size in bytes.
BitmapPlanes { get; set; } Gets or sets number of planes.
BitmapWidth { get; set; } Gets or sets bitmap width.
BitmapXPelsPerMeter { get; set; } Gets or sets horizontal pixels resolution.
BitmapYPelsPerMeter { get; set; } Gets or sets vertical pixels resolution.
BitsPerPixel { get; set; } Gets or sets bits per pixel count.
ColorEncoding { get; } Gets the color encoding.
ExtraBitMasks { get; set; } Gets or sets the extra bit masks. Present only in case the DIB header is the BITMAPINFOHEADER and the BitmapCompression is set to either Bitfields (RGB) or AlphaBitfields (RGBA).
HeaderSize { get; set; } Gets or sets size of this structure in bytes.
Identifier { get; } Gets the identifier.
Recording { get; } Gets the recording.
Rendering { get; } Gets the rendering.
Reserved { get; } Gets the reserved.
Size1 { get; } Gets the size1.
Size2 { get; } Gets the size2.
Units { get; } Gets the units.

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