ImageParameters class

Dng image parameters

public class ImageParameters


CameraManufacturer { get; }Gets the camera manufacturer.
ColorsCount { get; }Gets the colors.
Description { get; }Gets the description of colors (RGBG,RGBE,GMCY, or GBTG).
DngVersion { get; }Gets the DNG version.
Filters { get; }Gets the Bit mask describing the order of color pixels in the matrix.
IsFoveon { get; }Gets the is foveon matrix.
Model { get; }Gets the camera model.
RawCount { get; }Gets the number of RAW images in file (0 means that the file has not been recognized).
Software { get; }Gets the software.
TranslationCfaDng { get; }Gets the translation array for CFA mosaic DNG format.
XmpData { get; }Gets the XMP data.

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