EmfCreateColorSpaceW class

The EMR_CREATECOLORSPACEW record creates a logical color space object from a color profile with a name consisting of Unicode characters.

public sealed class EmfCreateColorSpaceW : EmfObjectCreationRecordType


Name Description
EmfCreateColorSpaceW(EmfRecord) Initializes a new instance of the EmfCreateColorSpaceW class.


Name Description
CbData { get; set; } Gets or sets a 32-bit unsigned integer that specifies the size, in bytes, of the Data field.
Data { get; set; } Gets or sets an optional array of bytes that specifies color profile data.
DwFlags { get; set; } Gets or sets a 32-bit unsigned integer that provides information about the data in this record.
IhCS { get; set; } Gets or sets a 32-bit unsigned integer that specifies the index of the logical color space object in the EMF object table (section This index MUST be saved so that this object can be reused or modified.
Lcs { get; set; } Gets or sets a WMF LogColorSpaceW object ([MS-WMF] section that can specify the name of a color profile in Unicode UTF16-LE characters
Size { get; set; } Gets or sets the size of the record
Type { get; set; } Gets or sets the type.


The logical color space object defined by this record can be selected into the playback device context by an EMR_SETCOLORSPACE record (section, which defines the logical color space to use in subsequent graphics operations.

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