EmfPolyPolyline class

The EMR_POLYPOLYLINE record specifies multiple series of connected line segments.

public sealed class EmfPolyPolyline : EmfDrawingRecordType


Name Description
EmfPolyPolyline() Initializes a new instance of the EmfPolyPolyline class.
EmfPolyPolyline(EmfRecord) Initializes a new instance of the EmfPolyPolyline class.


Name Description
APoints { get; set; } Gets or sets a Count-length array of WMF PointL objects ([MS-WMF] section that specify the point data, in logical units.
Bounds { get; set; } Gets or sets a 128-bit WMF RectL object ([MS-WMF] section that specifies the bounding rectangle in device units.
Size { get; set; } Gets or sets the size of the record
Type { get; set; } Gets or sets the type.


The line segments SHOULD be drawn using the current pen. The figures formed by the segments SHOULD NOT filled. The current position SHOULD neither be used nor updated by this record.

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