EmfSaveDc class

Saves the current state of playback device context on a stack of states saved by preceding EMR_SAVEDC records, if any. The state consists of graphics properties and objects, including the currently selected bitmap, brush, palette, font, pen, and region. An EMR_RESTOREDC record is used to restore the state. This EMF record specifies no parameters.

public sealed class EmfSaveDc : EmfStateRecordType


Name Description
EmfSaveDc() Initializes a new instance of the EmfSaveDc class.
EmfSaveDc(EmfRecord) Initializes a new instance of the EmfSaveDc class.


Name Description
Size { get; set; } Gets or sets the size of the record
Type { get; set; } Gets or sets the type.


The stack can contain state information for multiple instances of the playback device context. When a state is restored, all state instances that were saved more recently MUST be discarded.

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