EmfSetIcmMode class

The EMR_SETICMMODE record specifies the mode of Image Color Management (ICM) for graphics operations.

public sealed class EmfSetIcmMode : EmfStateRecordType


Name Description
EmfSetIcmMode(EmfRecord) Initializes a new instance of the EmfSetIcmMode class.


Name Description
IcmMode { get; set; } Gets or sets a 32-bit unsigned integer that specifies whether to enable or disable ICM, from the ICMMode enumeration (section 2.1.18). This value is part of the state of the playback device context.
Size { get; set; } Gets or sets the size of the record
Type { get; set; } Gets or sets the type.


When ICM mode is enabled, colors specified in EMF records SHOULD be color matched, whereas the default color profile in the playback device context SHOULD be used when a bit-block transfer is performed. If the default color profile is not desired, ICM mode SHOULD be turned off before performing the bit-block transfer.

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