EmfPlusFilterType enumeration

The FilterType enumeration defines types of filtering algorithms that can be used for text and graphics quality enhancement and image rendering.

public enum EmfPlusFilterType : byte


Name Value Description
FilterTypeNone 0 Specifies that filtering is not performed.
FilterTypePoint 1 Specifies that each destination pixel is computed by sampling the nearest pixel from the source image.
FilterTypeLinear 2 Specifies that linear interpolation is performed using the weighted average of a 2x2 area of pixels surrounding the source pixel.
FilterTypeTriangle 3 Specifies that each pixel in the source image contributes equally to the destination image. This is the slowest of filtering algorithms.
FilterTypeBox 4 Specifies a box filter algorithm, in which each destination pixel is computed by averaging a rectangle of source pixels. This algorithm is useful only when reducing the size of an image.
FilterTypePyramidalQuad 6 Specifies that a 4-sample tent filter is used.
FilterTypeGaussianQuad 7 Specifies that a 4-sample Gaussian filter is used, which creates a blur effect on an image.

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