EmfPlusImageEffectsIdentifiers class

The ImageEffects identifiers define standard GUIDs for specifying graphics image effects. These identifiers are used by device drivers to publish their levels of support for these effects. The identifier constants are defined using the GUID curly-braced string representation ([MS-DTYP] section

public static class EmfPlusImageEffectsIdentifiers


Name Description
static Contain(string) Contains the specified object unique identifier.


Name Description
const BlurEffectGuid Specifies the blur effect.
const BrightnessContrastEffectGuid Specifies the brightness contrast effect.
const ColorBalanceEffectGuid Specifies the color balance effect.
const ColorCurveEffectGuid Specifies the color curve effect.
const ColorLookupTableEffectGuid Specifies the color lookup table effect.
const ColorMatrixEffectGuid Specifies the color matrix effect.
const HueSaturationLightnessEffectGuid Specifies the hue saturation lightness effect.
const LevelsEffectGuid Specifies the levels effect.
const RedEyeCorrectionEffectGuid Specifies the red-eye correction effect.
const SharpenEffectGuid Specifies the sharpen effect.
const TintEffectGuid Specifies the tint effect.


Image effects identifiers and Image Effects Parameter Blocks are specified by EmfPlusSerializableObject records for EmfPlusDrawImagePoints records.

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