EmfPlusObjectType enumeration

The ObjectType enumeration defines types of graphics objects that can be created and used in graphics operations.

public enum EmfPlusObjectType : byte


Name Value Description
ObjectTypeInvalid 0 The object is not a valid object.
ObjectTypeBrush 1 Specifies an EmfPlusBrush object (section Brush objects fill graphics regions.
ObjectTypePen 2 Specifies an EmfPlusPen object (section Pen objects draw graphics lines.
ObjectTypePath 3 Specifies an EmfPlusPath object (section Path objects specify sequences of lines, curves, and shapes.
ObjectTypeRegion 4 Specifies an EmfPlusRegion object (section Region objects specify areas of the output surface.
ObjectTypeImage 5 Specifies an EmfPlusImage object (section Image objects encapsulate bitmaps and metafiles.
ObjectTypeFont 6 Specifies an EmfPlusFont object (section Font objects specify font properties, including typeface style, EM size, and font family.
ObjectTypeStringFormat 7 Specifies an EmfPlusStringFormat object (section String format objects specify text layout, including alignment, orientation, tab stops, clipping, and digit substitution for languages that do not use Western European digits.
ObjectTypeImageAttributes 8 Specifies an EmfPlusImageAttributes object (section Image attribute objects specify operations on pixels during image rendering, including color adjustment, grayscale adjustment, gamma correction, and color mapping.
ObjectTypeCustomLineCap 9 Specifies an EmfPlusCustomLineCap object (section Custom line cap objects specify shapes to draw at the ends of a graphics line, including squares, circles, and diamonds.

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