EmfPlusSmoothingMode enumeration

The SmoothingMode enumeration defines smoothing modes to apply to lines, curves, and the edges of filled areas to make them appear more continuous or sharply defined.

public enum EmfPlusSmoothingMode : byte


Name Value Description
SmoothingModeDefault 0 Specifies default curve smoothing with no anti-aliasing.
SmoothingModeHighSpeed 1 Specifies best performance with no anti-aliasing.
SmoothingModeHighQuality 2 Specifies best quality with anti-aliasing.
SmoothingModeNone 3 Performs no curve smoothing and no anti-aliasing.
SmoothingModeAntiAlias8x4 4 Specifies good quality using an 8x4 box filter.
SmoothingModeAntiAlias8x8 5 Specifies better quality using an 8x8 box filter.

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