EmfPlusBitmapData class

The EmfPlusBitmapData object specifies a bitmap image with pixel data.

public sealed class EmfPlusBitmapData : EmfPlusBaseBitmapData


EmfPlusBitmapData()The default constructor.


Colors { get; set; }Gets or sets the palette colors Colors (variable): An optional EmfPlusPalette object (section, which specifies the palette of colors used in the pixel data. This field MUST be present if the I flag is set in the PixelFormat field of the EmfPlusBitmap object.
PixelData { get; set; }Gets or sets pixel data PixelData (variable): An array of bytes that specify the pixel data. The size and format of this data can be computed from fields in the EmfPlusBitmap object, including the pixel format from the EmfPlusPixelFormat enumeration (section

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