The namespace handles Jpeg file format processing.


Class Description
JFIFData The jfif segment.
JpegImage A jpeg image.
JpegLsPresetCodingParameters Defines the JPEG-LS preset coding parameters as defined in ISO/IEC 14495-1, C. JPEG-LS defines a default set of parameters, but custom parameters can be used. When used these parameters are written into the encoded bit stream as they are needed for the decoding process.


Enumeration Description
JfifDensityUnits The jfif density units.
JpegCompressionColorMode Сolor mode for jpeg images.
JpegCompressionMode Compression mode for jpeg images.
JpegLsInterleaveMode Defines the interleave mode for multi-component (color) pixel data.
SampleRoundingMode Defines a way in which an n-bit value is converted to an 8-bit value.