JpegImage.JpegOptions property

Gets the JPEG options used to create or load this JpegImage instance.

public JpegOptions JpegOptions { get; }

Property Value

The JPEG options.


The following example shows how to extract the header information from a JPEG image.


string dir = "c:\\temp\\";

using (Aspose.Imaging.FileFormats.Jpeg.JpegImage image = (Aspose.Imaging.FileFormats.Jpeg.JpegImage)Image.Load(dir + "original.jpg"))
    Aspose.Imaging.ImageOptions.JpegOptions jpegOptions = image.JpegOptions;

    System.Console.WriteLine("The number of bits per channel: {0}", jpegOptions.BitsPerChannel);
    System.Console.WriteLine("The max allowed size for all internal buffers: {0}", jpegOptions.BufferSizeHint);
    System.Console.WriteLine("The color type: {0}", jpegOptions.ColorType);
    System.Console.WriteLine("The compression type: {0}", jpegOptions.CompressionType);
    System.Console.WriteLine("The image quality: {0}", jpegOptions.Quality);

    if (jpegOptions.ResolutionSettings != null)
        System.Console.WriteLine("The horizontal resolution: {0}", jpegOptions.ResolutionSettings.HorizontalResolution);
        System.Console.WriteLine("The vertical resolution: {0}", jpegOptions.ResolutionSettings.VerticalResolution);

    for (int i = 0; i < jpegOptions.HorizontalSampling.Length; i++)
        System.Console.WriteLine("The sampling for component {0}: {1}x{2}", i, jpegOptions.HorizontalSampling[i], jpegOptions.VerticalSampling[i]);

//The output looks like this:
//The number of bits per channel: 8
//The max allowed size for all internal buffers: 0
//The color type: YCbCr
//The compression type: Baseline
//The image quality: 75
//The sampling for component 0: 1x1
//The sampling for component 1: 1x1
//The sampling for component 2: 1x1

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