The Open document graphic objects


OdAngleEllipseThe Enhanced angle ellipse
OdArcThe Enhanced Arc
OdCircleThe circle object
OdClosePathThe close path
OdConnectorThe connector
OdContainerThe Container
OdCurveToThe Enhanced CurveTo
OdCustomShapeThe open document custom-shape.
OdEllipticalQundrantThe elliptical quadrant
OdEndPathThe enhanced end path
OdEnhancedGeometryThe Enhanced geometry object.
OdEquationThe open document equation
OdFrameThe open document object frame
OdGraphicObjectThe open document graphic object.
OdImageObjectThe open document image
OdLineThe line object
OdLineToThe enhanced lineTo
OdListThe List object
OdListItemThe list item
OdMarkerThe Marker
OdMeasureThe Measure
OdMoveToThe Enhanced moveTo
OdNoFillPathThe no fill path marker
OdNoStrokePathSpecifies that the current set of sub-paths will not be stroked.
OdPageThe Open document page.
OdPathThe open document object path
OdPolygonThe polygon
OdPolyLineThe polyline
OdRectangleThe rectangle object
OdShortCurveToThe short CurveTo
OdStyledObjectThe open document styled graphic object.
OdTextThe text object
OdTextBoxThe text box
OdTextMeasureThe text measure
OdTextParagraphThe text paragraph
OdTextSpanThe text span