PathResourceConverter class

Converts PathResource to GraphicsPath and vice versa.

public static class PathResourceConverter


Name Description
static FromGraphicsPath(GraphicsPath, Size) Converts the GraphicsPath instance to path resources.
static ToGraphicsPath(PathResource[], Size) Converts path resources to the GraphicsPath instance.


Create Graphics Path from Path Resources in TIFF image.


using (var image = (TiffImage)Image.Load("Bottle.tif"))
    // Create the GraphicsPath using PathResources from TIFF image
    var graphicsPath = PathResourceConverter.ToGraphicsPath(image.ActiveFrame.PathResources.ToArray(), image.ActiveFrame.Size);
    var graphics = new Graphics(image);

    // Draw red line and save the image
    graphics.DrawPath(new Pen(Color.Red, 10), graphicsPath);

Create Path Resources using Graphics Path.


static void Main(string[] args)
    using (var image = (TiffImage)Image.Load("Bottle.tif"))
        // Create rectangular Figure for GraphicsPath
        var figure = new Figure();
        figure.AddShape(CreateBezierShape(100f, 100f, 500f, 100f, 500f, 1000f, 100f, 1000f));

        // Create GraphicsPath using our Figure
        var graphicsPath = new GraphicsPath();

        // Set PathResources using GraphicsPath
        var pathResouze = PathResourceConverter.FromGraphicsPath(graphicsPath, image.Size);
        image.ActiveFrame.PathResources = new List<PathResource>(pathResouze);

        // Save the image

private static BezierShape CreateBezierShape(params float[] coordinates)
    var bezierPoints = CoordinatesToBezierPoints(coordinates).ToArray();
    return new BezierShape(bezierPoints, true);

private static IEnumerable<PointF> CoordinatesToBezierPoints(float[] coordinates)
    for (var coordinateIndex = 0; coordinateIndex < coordinates.Length; coordinateIndex += 2)
        for (var index = 0; index < 3; index++)
            yield return new PointF(coordinates[coordinateIndex], coordinates[coordinateIndex + 1]);

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