The namespace contains Tiff file format tag classes.


Class Description
TiffASCIIType The tiff ascii type.
TiffByteType The tiff byte type.
TiffCommonArrayType The tiff common array type.
TiffDoubleType The tiff double type.
TiffFloatType The tiff float type.
TiffIfdType Represents the TIFF Exif image file directory type class.
TiffLongType The tiff long type.
TiffRationalType The tiff rational type.
TiffSByteType The tiff signed byte type.
TiffShortType The tiff short type.
TiffSLongType The tiff signed long type.
TiffSRationalType The tiff signed rational type.
TiffSShortType The tiff signed short type.
TiffUndefinedType The tiff undefined type.
TiffUnknownType The unknown tiff type. In case the tiff tag cannot be recognized this type is instantinated.