WmfBrushStyle enumeration

The BrushStyle Enumeration specifies the different possible brush types that can be used in graphics operations. For more information, see the specification of the Brush Object (section

public enum WmfBrushStyle


Name Value Description
Solid 0 A brush that paints a single, constant color, either solid or dithered.
Null 1 A brush that does nothing. Using a NULL brush in a graphics operation MUST have the same effect as using no brush at all
Hatched 2 A brush that paints a predefined simple pattern, or “hatch”, onto a solid background
Pattern 3 A brush that paints a pattern defined by a bitmap, which MAY be a Bitmap16 Object or a DeviceIndependentBitmap (DIB) Object.
Indexed 4 Not supported.
Dibpattern 5 A pattern brush specified by a DIB.
Dibpatternpt 6 A pattern brush specified by a DIB.
Pattern8X8 7 Not supported.
Dibpattern8X8 8 Not supported.
Monopattern 9 Not supported.
Gradient 10 The gradient Not suppoted in wmf, support in odg.

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