WmfPenStyle enumeration

The 16-bit PenStyle Enumeration is used to specify different types of pens that can be used in graphics operations.

public enum WmfPenStyle : short


Name Value Description
Cosmetic 0 The cosmetic
EndcapRound 0 The line end caps are round.
JoinRound 0 Line joins are round.
Solid 0 The pen is solid.
Dash 1 The pen is dashed.
Dot 2 The pen is dotted.
Dashdot 3 The pen has alternating dashes and dots.
Dashdotdot 4 The pen has dashes and double dots.
Null 5 The pen is invisible.
Insideframe 6 The pen is solid. When this pen is used in any drawing record that takes a bounding rectangle, the dimensions of the figure are shrunk so that it fits entirely in the bounding rectangle, taking into account the width of the pen.
Userstyle 7 The pen uses a styling array supplied by the user.
Alternate 8 The pen sets every other pixel (this style is applicable only for cosmetic pens).
EndcapSquare 256 Line end caps are square.
EndcapFlat 512 Line end caps are flat.
JoinBevel 4096 Line joins are beveled.
JoinMiter 8192 Line joins are mitered when they are within the current limit set by the SETMITERLIMIT META_ESCAPE record. A join is beveled when it would exceed the limit.

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